Training Plan for NLP Trainer training starting 12th June 2021

Welcome to the 2021 NLP Trainer Training. Your investment in developing your skills in understanding people, sharing knowledge and creating change will be stretched in new ways over the 10 days of this training and beyond, and it is absolutely my pleasure to join you for this part of your exciting journey.

To get the best experience from your investment in this training, I recommend the following:

  • Watch any tutorial videos and join the live sessions on a desktop PC or laptop with as large a screen as possible. You might even plug your computer into your TV's HDMI or VGA input for a more 'immersive' experience.
  • Place your webcam or laptop camera close enough that you are clearly visible in the Zoom window, so that your fellow students can interact with you more easily.
  • Use high quality headphones or external speakers, as poor sound quality will adversely affect your learning experience.
  • Ensure that you are not likely to be disturbed for the duration of the training. If you do miss anything, you can watch the recording, though joining live is far better.

If you don't already have a free or paid Zoom account then sign up before the first session and then register for the call ( as you will need to be signed in to Zoom in order to join securely - the free account is fine for this.

The live sessions will be recorded and you will be able to access those recordings for one month after each module, so do download them if you plan to make use of them.

If you have any trouble accessing the live sessions or recordings, just email or call me.

You should have received a set of books, if not let me know. The NLP Trainer Training Manual will be useful for you, but we will not be following it rigidly therefore don't expect it to be a day by day account of the training. Consider it a companion guide.

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In preparation

If you have already received your books, I'm sure you'll have started reading The NLP Trainer Training Manual which will certainly give you some idea of what to expect from the training. In terms of format, you'll find many similarities between this and other NLP training you have attended, particularly if you have attended mine and experienced the combination of theory, practice, reflection and personal insight which is to be expected, as we can't learn the principles of personal change without changing ourselves.

You might take some time to consider what the role of NLP trainer is. As a trainer, are you a teacher? An instructor? A guide? A threshold guardian? Take a look at Joseph Campbell's work on the transformational journey of the hero, aka 'the hero's journey' if you want to find out what a threshold guardian is. Perhaps you are a hero on your own adventure, walking only a few steps ahead of your students? Whatever literal or metaphorical description you find for your role, we can't lose sight of the equally important role of the student. Like all job descriptions, trainer is relational. So instead of thinking about the role of the trainer, you might think about the relationship which the term implies. And when you can equally place yourself in the role of teacher and student, perhaps another perspective emerges.

It goes without saying that in order to teach NLP, you will need a thorough understanding of the techniques of NLP. At Practitioner level, the syllabus is reasonably standardised. At Master Practitioner level, there is far more variation between different training schools, and you must decide what mastery of NLP means to you, beyond the basic recipes taught at Practitioner level.

Over the 10 days of NLP Trainer Training, and the time between the two modules, and of course the lifetime of learning surrounding our time together, we will share, explore and discover ways of understanding the relational role of the trainer which may be obvious to you, or may surprise you, or may even unsettle you from your old habits and ideas. I almost used the word 'paradigms' there, but let's not get carried away.

If you intend to inspire change in others, then the starting point for your journey must be to first discover the potential for change within you. Let's take our first steps together, beginning 12th June, 9:00 UK time at a computer near you.

Live sessions

10 days in total: June 12 - 16, then September 11 - 15

Join the live session at 9:00 UK time each day using this link:

We will take two breaks during the training session of 30 minutes each, and finish earlier than for the classroom training to minimise our time in front of a screen, so our schedule will be as follows:

09:00 - Main training session begins

10:30 - First break

11:00 - Training session resumes

13:00 - Second break

14:00 - Training session resumes

15:30 - Main training session concludes

Live session recordings

Day 1: Passcode: L.=LC54+

Day 2: Passcode: gKh9j!vj

Day 3: Passcode: 9BgQ@TK^

Day 4: Passcode: Qmg5&QfL

Day 5: Passcode: 1M$xQ=@Y

Review 1: Access Passcode: qHe*A6J7

Review 2: Passcode: *CN?9sLE

Review 3: Passcode: vh18@P1C

Day 6: Passcode: =**.E3#&

Day 7: Passcode: 9*1@b9GJ

Day 8: Passcode: ?Py3QvH#

Day 9: Passcode: 7aSo+.8.

Day 10: Passcode: 0#8P9Qrs

And now the real learning begins!


The assessment process broadly follows the SNLP process so that you can more easily have everything in place for the optional SNLP certification if you choose to apply for that.

Stage 1: Following the training, you deliver a NLP based training session of at least one hour which will be observed. If you achieve the required standard, you will then have Trainer Associate certification. The SNLP requirement is to submit your training plan and a video of the first hour of a full NLP Practitioner training. In practice, you don't need to deliver any more than an hour as long as what you deliver would represent the start of NLP Practitioner training. Therefore you could deliver a 'NLP taster session' or 'Introduction to NLP' and the content would be the same. At this stage, you can deliver NLP Practitioner training but you cannot sign certificates for your students, and their assessment must be supervised by your Master Trainer, i.e. me, Peter.

Stage 2: You will deliver a full NLP Practitioner training under supervision. If you achieve the required standard, and the training hours requirement, you will then achieve full Trainer certification.

The SNLP certification must then be renewed every 4 years, although there is no requirement for passing any evaluation when you do this. IBNLP and IHNLP certification does not need to be renewed, though do note the general membership requirements for Trainer level which include CPD and knowledge sharing.